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Omegabundle for Xojo 2017

Xojo Desktop Bundle is a set of nine Xojo Controls and classes that can be used in macOS, Windows and Linux applications

The Bundle comes with 6 months of updates and support plan for 9 Custom Controls and Classes that can be used in any Mac OS, Linux and Windows applications.


Xojo Desktop Bundle includes the following Xojo controls and classes:


  • BBCode Label: An advanced Retina Compatible text control to replace the regular Label. Adds advanced styling capabilities.
  • Color Wheel: The color wheel displays all HSV colors. It replaces the defautl Xojo color picker.
  • Exif Reader: A powerful utility class to load and read EXIF data from JPG and TIF images.
  • Property Listbox: A highly customizable list of properties. Display any type of property and interact with your application.
  • Ribbon Control: A tabbed toolbar that automatically resizes according to available space. Comes with several themes.
  • Slideshow: An easy to use slideshow control to display animated pictures in your Xojo apps.
  • Status Bar: A powerful StatusBar control to display additional information in all your Applications.
  • Toolbar: A horizontal and vertical Toolbar with the same features as the Toolbar used in RealStudio.
  • TreeView: TreeView presents a hierarchical view of information. Each item can have an infinite number of subitems.



***Bonus 2 Xojo iOS controls***

  • iOS FlexGrid
  • iOS DatePicker