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Retina Kit is the most popular add-on for making Xojo applications retina ready and enhancing the interface of macOS applications.


Ohanaware's Retina Kit is one of the most popular add-ons for Retinaizing Xojo made applications, and for good reason. The Retina Kit uses the exact same functions as applications created with Apple's Objective-C & Swift languages. When using these functions, OS X will handle many of the tasks for you.

Now the Retina Kit is a corner stone for building modern and compelling interfaces with the inclusion of the InterfaceKit module, that allows greater customization of the interface.

The Retina Kit can be used with the following:

  • Push Buttons.
  • Segmented Controls.
  • Toolbars.
  • Custom drawing in a canvas or to a graphics object.
  • Popup Menus.
  • Menu items (including contextual menus).
  • Image Wells.
  • Improved List Box support.



Combine the Retina Kit & Interface Kit

Take advantage of the many functions of the included InterfaceKit to take a Xojo made OS X application to the next level. The InterfaceKit offers an abundance of customization functions, all of which are used in the demo application to create the very sleek and modern looking interface.


  • Let the OS handle the Window menu for you
  • Adopt OS X's Vibrancy, throughout your interface.
  • Insert controls into the toolbar, just like Mail and others
  • Easily create the Action menu.
  • Enable 'Dark' mode on Windows and controls (see the "Modern Dark Retina" example above).
  • Adopt the Yosemite 'hidden' toolbar, aligning controls with window widgets.
  • Use NSLabels on layer-backed windows.

Version 3 of the Retina Kit is actually the fifth generation Retina code that we at Ohanaware have created in over three years, take advantage of our experience and save time, hassle and frustration in trying to get Retina to work correctly. The fourth generation code is much more efficient in terms of speed and memory usage when converting Xojo pictures to the correct format.


The Retina Kit also includes these great features:

  • Fallback code for Windows & Linux, reducing the amount of platform specific code required.
  • "InterfaceKit" module, customize OS X controls with all that GUI goodness.
  • Image Name constants, easier to use the build-in OS X system images.
  • Reads custom or generic icons, straight from files.
  • Limited 'classic' icons (Many have been removed from Yosemite).
  • New Tiling functions.
  • Demo code, the Retina Kit is wrapped in a demo application providing many examples.
  • Includes "OWImageView" providing an x-plat image holder.