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The Sandbox Kit makes it easier to build Sandbox safe applications for sale through the Mac App Store.


Understanding Apple's Sandboxing on the level that we at Ohanaware understand it, will take months, possibly even years. Luckily with our Sandbox Kit, you don't need to invest anywhere near as much time (although we do recommend that you read our documentation to become familiar with the concepts that are used).

The Sandbox Kit uses the exact same functions as applications created with Apple's Objective-C & Swift languages. When using these functions, OS X will handle many of the tasks for you.

Features of the Sandbox Kit.

  • OWAppleScript Uses the Apple recommended method of executing Apple Scripts.
  • OWBookmark Security-Scoped Bookmarks done the right way.
  • SSBToken Elegant solution for releasing bookmark access.
  • OWRecentItems Take advantage of OS X's recent items system, and solve Sandbox issues at the same time.
  • OWWindowRestoration Automatically re-open documents without the use of Security-Scoped bookmarks.
  • OWShell Sandbox safe mechanism for launching built-in helper applications.
  • OW_Sandbox_Kit Collection of shared code used by the Sandbox Kit.
  • Full Source Code Included with every purchase, giving greater flexibility and future proofing.
  • Windows Support While the Sandbox Kit uses the Apple APIs, we've provided fall back code for Windows built applications.
  • Sample App Wrapper Settings Includes the App Wrapper 3 settings we used for the demo application.