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Omegabundle for Xojo Web Mini 2018 Products

The massive collection of Xojo Web controls that cover the range of almost every visual object you will want in your web app.

Release 27 added seven new controls in August 2018, plus you will benefit from the forthcoming Release 28.

The Big List of GraffitiSuite Web Edition Controls

We just don't have enough space to show you all of the preview images of this massive collection.

New in Release 27

After extensive testing, these new controls were added to the official release on August 2, 2018:

  • GraffitiWebAdSense
  • GraffitiWebCamera 2.0
  • GraffitiWebGrid 2.0
  • GraffitiWebLikert 2.0
  • GraffitiWebPagination
  • GraffitiWebTextField
  • GraffitiWebToolbar

Coming in Release 28

As a part of your upgrade plan, you will receive Release 28. This isn't the final list of all that will be included:

  • GraffitiWebBarcodeReader
  • GraffitiWebPagePanel

And What Else is in GraffitiSuite Web Edition?

  • GraffitiWebAccordion. GraffitiWebAccordion allows for easy and compact representation of UI elements within container controls (access to WebContainers is required for GraffitiAccordion).
  • GraffitiWebAccordionNav. GraffitiWebAccordionNav provides a means of incorporating an accordion-style navigation area of your application, including the display of notification counts.
  • GraffitiWebAlert. GraffitiWebAlert gives access to a robust framework of messages, including OK Only, OK/Cancel, Yes/No, Yes/No/Cancel, Log Messages, Error Log Messages, Success Log Messages, and even WebContainers!
  • GraffitiWebBattery.This class allows you to read the current session's hardware battery status, including charge and drain times.
  • GraffitiWebButton. An advanced button class with many features, including icons!
  • GraffitiWebButtonSegment. An advanced SegmentedControl which supports icons in captions, and a variety of styling options
  • GraffitiWebCalendar. A full page calendar class with both basic and agenda views for Month / Week / Day. Supports event management by dragging and resizing, and addition to Google Calendar feeds.
  • GraffitiWebCamera. GraffitiWebCamera allows for the display of real-time streams from a user's camera, or capturing single-frames to a BASE64 data URI.
  • GraffitiWebChart. Custom client-side charting solution with support for the following data display types: Bar BarStacked Doughnut Line Pie Polar Radar.
  • GraffitiWebColorPicker.This class provides a semi-advanced color selection method for your applications.
  • GraffitiWebContextMenu. Allows for the presentation of custom context menus with Font Awesome icons, and triggered on left click, hover, right click, or via function call.
  • GraffitiWebCurrencyField. An Input element for the display and input of currency-related data. Allows fine-tuned control of all aspects of the data within the element.
  • GraffitiWebCursor. Allows for the using a FontAwesome icon as the cursor of either a single control or the whole page.
  • GraffitiWebDatePicker. An input box designed for selection of dates and date ranges by use of a popup calendar.
  • GraffitiWebEditor.A simple what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) HTML editor control.
  • GraffitiWebEmailValidator. Allows for the validation of entered email addresses, and make suggestions based on the input. Can be used to automatically correct typographical errors. For instance, if a user type “This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.”, this class will suggest “This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.”.
  • GraffitiWebFavIcon.Provides an implementation for displaying notification counts in the favicon of a web application.
  • GraffitiWebFieldMask. Allows developers to add support for custom format and cuetext on any WebTextField. Includes an event for Mask completion as a form of field validation.
  • GraffitiWebFontAwesome. Allows for the implementation of FontAwesome icons in Xojo web apps. Includes all current styles, and the demo includes a list of all currently available icons.
  • GraffitiWebGrid. GraffitiWebGrid is an amazingly complex grid component.Features: Cell or Row Select, Cell Editing, Column Sorting, Column Reordering, Keyboard Navigation, Custom Displays for for percentages and boolean values and more…
  • GraffitiWebLayout. An amazing solution to problems of resizable application layouts. GraffitiWebLayout allows you to assign panels to the four cardinal directions, then can makes those panels resizable, hideable, closable, and more.
  • GraffitiWebLikert. GraffitiWebLikert allows you to build questionnaires for your users using a range of selectable options.
  • GraffitiWebMotion. A class that allows Xojo applications to intercept events from the browser that are fired when the user physically moves their device.
  • GraffitiWebOption. GraffitiWebOption is a set of two classes, one for boolean display (Checkbox), and the other for group selection (Radiobutton).
  • GraffitiWebPopupMenu. A searchable popup menu control with support for multiple selections and disabled options.
  • GraffitiWebProgress. An animated progress bar component with support for either fixed-value or indeterminate display, and two different radial progress displays (radial and semicircle).
  • GraffitiWebQR. A generator for QR codes with custom color selection.
  • GraffitiWebSidebar. Adds the ability to slide a containercontrol on to and off of the page on-demand, with advanced styling.
  • GraffitiWebSignature. Facilitates the capture of signatures in web applications.
  • GraffitiWebSlideshow. A jQuery-based slideshow component with support for multiple navigator styles and pause on hover.
  • GraffitiWebSpeak. Allows for Text-To-Speech functionality from within the browser by using the HTML5 SpeechSynthesis API, which includes many voices for different languages.
  • GraffitiWebStorage. Allows for storing custom data in the user’s browser. Can be either persistent or session specific. Developers may also bind the class to controls to automatically store and restore their values.
  • GraffitiWebSyntaxEditor. An amazingly versatile code highlighter and editor with support for a wide array of languages. Has built-in breakpoint, annotation, formatting options, built-in undo engine, and a robust Find/Replace system.
  • GraffitiWebTabBar. An advanced tab-style control for switching content based on user-selection.
  • GraffitiWebTabPanel. A TabPanel control which supports embedding WebContainers for full integration with your Xojo web application.
  • GraffitiWebTimePicker. A time selection control with support for localization. Uses a beautiful clock-face style selector.
  • GraffitiWebToggle. A custom toggle control with 5 different styles, support for both clicking and dragging, and custom strings for True and False values.
  • GraffitiWebTooltip. An animated and stylized tooltip that can be bound to any control type. Supports Hover, Focus, and Click events.
  • GraffitiWebTree. An advanced TreeView-style control with a plethora of options.
  • GraffitiWebUploader. This class facilitates the transfer of files from the user's computer to web applications via a drag-and-drop interface, and results in a BASE64 DataURI representation of the file.
  • GraffitiWebWall. A responsive grid component for displaying images or containers in a flowing paradigm similar to some popular sharing sites.