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The big toolbox from Monkeybread Software with over 60 Plugins!

Monkeybread Software's MBS Plugin Complete suite of plugins has evolved over 18 years, giving Xojo developers access to underlying operating system features and third party libraries.

What's New for MBS Plugin Complete for 2018

  • Sound Files. New classes for SoundFile handling, so you can read audio samples from various sound file formats.
  • LibTag. New LibTag plugin classes allow you to read metadata from various audio file formats.
  • Core ML for macOS 10.3. For macOS 10.13 High Sierra, new Core ML classes to use machine learning files and for example classify pictures.
  • Clipper plugin. The new ClipperMBS module performs line & polygon clipping - intersection, union, difference & exclusive-or, and line & polygon offsetting. Includes new example projects to see what it can do for you!
  • Bluetooth plugin for mac OS. (Under Development) A Bluetooth plugin and in this release starts with  16 new classes for the CoreBluetooth.framework from Apple to connect to Bluetooth LE devices on your Mac
  • Gestures for mac OS. New CanvasGesturesMBS class allows you to generically capture gestures on a canvas. This includes swipe, rotate and magnify gestures and now allows you to use standard Canvas to catch them instead of using a NSViewControlMBS control.
  • MBS Xojo USB Plugin. For Linux, MacOS and Windows deployment. All USB versions from 1.0 to 3.1 are supported by way of libusb. The MBS Xojo USB Plugin contains the classes to use LibUSB in Xojo. It joins existing classes for HIDAPI to talk to USB HID devices, the MBS classes for smartcard readers and various dongles.

What Else is in MBS Complete?

Grown over the last 18 years, the MBS Plugin Complete plugins covers over 62000 documented functions and provides a huge toolbox to help you create better Xojo applications.

Plug-in Contains
AVFoundation The plugin for Apple's AVFoundation framework. Record, load and edit assets, export and convert, play and extract. The preferred framework for audio and video on Mac OS X.
Audio Crossplatform Midi and Audio. And Windows Midi classes.
Barcode Create and recognize barcodes.
CanonEOSDigital Use the Canon Digital EOS SDK to access Canon digital cameras.
Cocoa Cocoa classes: AppleRemote, StatusItem, HTMLViewer extensions (WebKit), SpeechSynthesizer and SpeechRecognizer, Save/OpenPanel, DiscRecording, InstantMessageing (iChat), PDFKit, SpellChecking and Addressbook.
Compression zlib compression and gzip file handling
ComputerControl The plugin to simulate keyboard and mouse input and do gamma changes.
Controls Controls like Button, Rectangle, RoundRectangle, Oval and Line.
CUPS  Control the Mac OS X and Linux printer engine directly and send raw files to your printer.
CURL Download and Upload class. Protocols: ftp, ftps, sftp, http, https, gopher, telnet, dict, ldap and file. [ANN]
DataTypes  Various data type classes like stacks, maps (specialized case sensitive dictionary classes) and sets.
DirectShow  Record video on Windows from webcams or digital video cameras.
Dongle Unikey, HASP, Matrix and Rockey dongles. Kagi Registration Module (KRM)
Encryption Encryption like AES, BlowFish and RC4. Hashes like SHA3, SHA512 and others.
GIF Read and write GIF files.
Create, edit, and compose bitmap images using the ImageMagick library. It can read, convert and write images in a variety of formats (over 100) including DPX, EXR, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PDF, PhotoCD, PNG, Postscript, SVG, and TIFF. Use ImageMagick to translate, flip, mirror, rotate, scale, shear and transform images, adjust image colors, apply various special effects, or draw text, lines, polygons, ellipses and Bézier curves.
Java Use Java classes in Xojo (Real Studio). And access databases using JDBC from Real Studio Standard.
JPEG Read and write JPEG images in RGB and CMYK color space. Handles extensions like ICC Profiles or XMP metadata, resolutions, corrupted jpeg files and lossless tranformations (rotate, mirror and others).
LCMS  Little color management engine. (like ColorSync on Mac, but this is crossplatform)
LargePicture  Handle large pictures with using virtual memory
Leopard Mac OS X 10.5 related classes: iCal classes, Time Machine related backup functions, PictureTaker panel, Slideshows, Dictionary Service and QuickLook.
Linux  Linux only stuff: HTMLViewer extensions and avahi classes for zeroconf. 
Lion Mac OS X 10.7 related classes: Fullscreen mode, StoreKit and NSPopOverMBS.
Mac Mac OS only stuff: 
Drag and Drop, KeyChain, AppleScript, Colorsync, Alias, Apple Filing Protocol, Clipboard and Speech.
Mac64bit Mac OS X 64bit only classes: TouchBar, WebKit 2.x, Contacts, EventKit, Social and Accounts frameworks.
MacOSX Mac OS X only stuff: 
DVD Playback, Growl, CoreImage, CoreAudio, LaunchServices, ImageCapture, Loginitems, Bonjour, CoreFoundation and CoreGraphics
Main Free for all registered users
MarkDown  Parse and format MarkDown text as HTML.
Mavericks Classes for Mac OS X Mavericks.
Mountain Lion  Mac OS X 10.8 related classes: User Notifications, GameKit and Sharing Services.
Network Network related classes like SSH, DNS lookup, TCP and UDP Sockets.
NikonCamera  Allows control of Nikon cameras. Requires Nikon SDKs.
OCR  Cross platform optical text recognition based on the Tesseract OCR engine.
Overlay Display windows with full alpha channel.
PHP  Run PHP scripts in Xojo (Real Studio).
Picture Icons, Screenshots and some picture effects
PNG Read and Write PNG files.
QTKit  Cocoa classes for using QuickTime functions.
QuickTime Extensions to Movie class and Movieplayer control. Export movies to a new format, import and export pictures and record audio/video.
RegEx Regular Expressions with correct encoding handling
SmartCard Classes to talk to SmartCard Readers.
SnowLeopard  Mac OS X 10.6 related classes: QuickLook panel, Core Location, Core WLAN, OpenCL and NSRunningApplicationMBS class.
TAPI  Windows Telephone API to receive and make phone calls.
Tidy  Clean up HTML (or XML) code
Tiff Read and write Tiff files. Handles ICC profiles, CMYK, Grayscale, Black/White and RGB images
Twain  Scan images on Mac/Windows using twain compatible scanners.
USB Classes for HID USB devices on Mac OS X and Windows.
Util Utility plugin parts like encryption, string and memoryblock funtions. Includes functions for running Ghostscript.
VLC Classes for using VLC library to play videos on Mac, Windows and Linux.
Win Windows only classes for DDE, file and URL shortcuts, Speech, MCI, printer lists and HTMLViewer extensions.
WinDragDrop  Windows classes for Drag & Drop
WinICM  Windows classes for Color Matching.
WIA  Classes for Windows Image Acquisition to import images from digital cameras.
XL  Classes for reading/writing Excel files using libXL.
XMP  Created and parse XMP metadata