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Omegabundle for Xojo 2017

Valentina Server combines a world class Enterprise Reports Server and two Database Servers into a single, powerful solution.


Three Servers for Serving Data

  • Enterprise Reports Server turns data into highly formatted reports as rich media web pages, text, images, PDFs
  • Valentina Database* Server based on ultra-fast, object-relational columnar technology
  • Valentina SQLite Database Server with full multi-access, industry standard server features

Server Administration

  • Add/drop users, groups, manage privileges
  • Watch live logs, run diagnostics
  • Remotely Register/unregister databases
  • Create/Alter/View Schedule Events
  • Highly secure with SSL and powerful, built in encryption
  • Administer your databases with free Valentina Studio and iValentina for iOS


  • 30+ Native Drivers for Client Application Access
  • REST based access
  • 32 / 64 bit natively on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Commercial Support & Updates

  • Upgrade to more connections from 10 to Unlimited
  • 12 full months of technology upgrades from your data of purchase
  • Direct, next business day support, with more advanced support options available


  • Diagnose, compress, clone, defragment, reindex and dump data

Capacity & Deployment

  • Single deployment, commercial license
  • Update before the end of your update period at a discounted rate


Now with Raspberry PI! You can even use your Linux license to deploy Xojo applications built for Raspberry PI (Debian, Linux, ARM 7).

Building Xojo Web Edition apps with REST? Valentina for Xojo example now available.