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The professional SQL database administration and reports generation software.

 Valentina Studio Pro brings together the best database administration and design tool along with a powerful, visual Report Designer for use with Valentina Reports ADK for Xojo and Valentina Server.

Report Designer & Report Viewer

  • Visual design layout tools turn queries into reports; live preview
  • Toolbox of controls, html, barcodes, charts, graphs and more
  • Sub-reports, regions, groups
  • Easy add macros, expressions
  • Print to all standard paper formats, set gutter, margin, max records per page


  • Deploy Reports (in projects) Valentina Reports ADK for Xojo
  • Deploy Reports (in projects) on Valentina Server
  • Deploy Reports (in projects) to users of free Valentina Studio

Visual Form Editor & Form Deployment

  • Flexible layout editor for designing forms for ease of use
  • Large palette of database controls (combo box, spin box, check box, text, image, table view, sub forms, etc) and visual controls (buttons, boxes, lists, image, lines, etc)
  • Sub-reports, regions, groups
  • Easy add macros, expressions
  • Print to all standard paper formats, set gutter, margin, max records per page


  • Deploy Forms (in projects) to users of free Valentina Studio
  • Deploy Forms (in projects) on Valentina Server

Schema Editing & Diagramming

  • Manage multiple databases in tabs and dockable views
  • Create/Drop/Alter/Browse Tables, Fields, Indexes, Triggers, Constraints, Links, Views, Stored Procedures, Properties, Sequences, Types, ...
  • Edit properties of multiple objects at the same time
  • Drill down to tables and fields; incredible fast searching
  • Reverse engineering and create diagrams for existing databases. Add new objects to diagrams.

Query Builder

  • Build SQL queries with just a few clicks and no code writing
  • Copy your SQL queries to use in any application

SQL Editing

  • Write SQL queries with auto-completion, color syntax
  • Define, manage, save favorite queries; access recent queries
  • Function browser dictionary of each function
  • Consoles for errors, warnings, performance
  • Search, Export result records into CSV, JSON, Excel

Forward Engineering

  • Visual Diagram Editor generates new databases
  • Toolbox of controls, labels, comments, procedures, tables, views
  • Generate scripts, copy scripts into your app code
  • Easy visual navigation of very large diagrams

Server Administration

  • Add/drop users, groups, manage privileges
  • Watch live logs, run diagnostics
  • Remotely Register/unregister databases
  • Create/Alter Schedule events
  • Register / Unregister Valentina Projects


  • See all the details of differences in Tables, Links and more
  • Generate scripts to execute to modify databases

Data Transfer

  • Copy records between two different databases
  • Specify mapping of source/target Tables and Fields
  • Log details and observe the transfer and result


  • Diagnose, compress, clone, defragment, reindex and dump data




All Major Databases Supported by Valentina Studio

You can work with all major databases, including:

  • MS SQL Server & Microsoft Azure SQL DB
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite (including Valentina SQLite Server!)
  • MariaDB
  • Valentina DB

What's New in Valentina Studio Pro 7

  • Localization. German and Russian, with Japanese on the way!
  • SQLite to Valentina DB Converter. Scale up your SQLite solutions to fast Valentina DB and Valentina Server
  • Edit Report Parameters. Create and modify Report Parameters that enable your users to work interactively with your reports
  • Control Property Script Editing. Add Pre and Post load Javascript scripts to your Report Controls
  • Keyboard Shortcuts Editor. Do it your way
  • Data Editor Layouts Editing System. Display your data as you need it with your own templates
  • Data Editor Jump to Parent Record. Easily jump to the parent record of FK or ObjectPtr
  • Valentina DB KeyValue Support. Work with the new KeyValue data store system in Valentina DB
  • Valentina DB Variant Support. Work with the new Variant field type in Valentina DB
  • Save Schema Cache. Your schema is ready to go and opens fast next time you open your database


Valentina Studio Pro is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Your order of Omegabundle for Xojo includes your choice of one operating system version.

Data Modeling

Model databases visually with the premier Database Schema Editor reverse and forward engineering tool. Generate diagrams automatically from existing databases. Add new elements visually with PRO.

Data Modeling with Database Diagram Editor

Visual Report Builder

Transforms queries into visually stunning enterprise reports with full suite of design elements: charts, graphs, barcodes, grids, images, html objects, labels, text boxes and more. Reports are saved into Valentina Projects.

Visual Database Report Builder

Query Builder

Build SQL queries visually with Query Builder. Work directly with tables and links that are a part of the query you want to create. Copy-Paste your generated queries with PRO.

Database Visual Query Builder

Data Transfer

Copy records between two different databases. This feature is different from simply importing data. Use Data Transfer to choose one database as a Source. Then choose another database to be the target database. You can then specify mapping of source/target tables and fields and load records from db1 to db2.

Data Transfer from Database A to Database B


Compare schemas of two databases and produce SQL scripts that can transform the first schema into the second. Apply changes directly to the first database.

Visual SQL DIFF for your databases

System Requirements

These are the Valentina Studio System Requirements for Valentina Studio 6 or later.


  • Win Vista SP2+;
    Win 7 SP1+; Windows 8; Windows 10
  • HD 20 MB+; RAM 50 MB
    (dependent on database size)


  • Ubuntu 10.0.4 +, Centos 5.0+, Debian oldstable+,
    Fedora 10+, openSuse 11+ RHEL 5+
  • HD 20 MB+; RAM 50 MB
    (dependent on database size)

Mac OS X

  • Mac OS X 10.7+ Intel
  • HD 20 MB+; RAM 50 MB
    (dependent on database size)