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Omegabundle for Xojo 2018 Products

xDev Library's Book and "Best Of" Article Bundle

Exclusive Xojo Books and Tutorials 


xDev Library (formerly RBLibrary) is a website devoted to books and tutorials on how to use Xojo. There's no subscription required: just purchase exactly the article or book you want in convenient digital formats. The site has over 20 books and a 100+ articles on a wide variety of topics: graphics, algorithms, OOP, XML, threads, and more, all specifically written with the Xojo user in mind.

To get you started, the folks at xDev Library have put together an irresistible bundle of some of our best books and articles. Here's what is included with the 2018 Omegabundle:

Windows Registry (180+ page book by Eugene Dakin):



OOP Collection (a bundle of seven columns by Dr. Steinman as well as a 50-page book on the subject):



Networking Bundle:


XML, PDF, Windows, Mac, Database Reporting, and More: 








This collection has three books, over a dozen articles, and a software module. That's hundreds of pages of instruction, a terrific sampling of what's available in the xDev Library. Bought individually this would cost over $150, but it's yours as part of the 2017 Omegabundle.


Note: some of these are older articles that refer to REALbasic, so the code may need some minor updating for Xojo, but we specifically tried to select articles where the concepts are timeless.