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Omegabundle for Xojo 2016

Get a year subscription to xDev Magazine,  the professional's magazine for developing with Xojo.

The Must-Have Magazine for Xojo DevelopmentxDev Magazine

Launched in the summer of 2002, xDev Magazine is a bimonthly digital publication. Every issue is packed with over 80 pages of vital information:

  • step-by-step tutorials by Xojo experts
  • columns for the beginer or expert
  • columns on databases, beginning programming, open source, and more
  • "behind-the-scenes" postmortems of popular programs made with Xojo
  • fascinating interviews
  • handy tips
  • product reviews
  • Xojo news

One-Year PDF Subscription

With this offer, you get a one-year PDF subscription to xDev Magazine, as well as all previous issues in PDF (thirteen years worth of information).

Free Printed Annual Option

You also get to select a printed book of one year of the magazine for free (a $60 value) — you just have to cover the shipping charges to your home country.

If you already have a subscription to xDev Magazine, don't sweat it! This offer will add onto your existing subscription!