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App Wrapper makes it super easy to prepare applications for App Store submission or web site distribution. Now adding essential new features.

Select "Updates" from the "App Wrapper" menu (you may need to click the refresh icon) or download from

What's new in App Wrapper version 3.8

The headline feature of this update is the new "Application Diagnostics" function, designed to check an application against 120 App Store rejection reasons, 70 potential code sign failures and critical issues, 37 possible improvements and when wrapping will auto fix 20 different kinds of issues. This function is based upon our PTE4 wrapping engine, which will debut in a future version of App Wrapper. Other changes include:

  • Option to wrap Mac App Store apps to a different folder.
  • New identity selector, more informative and should reduce incorrect identity usage.
  • Now auto adds the Entitlements to the Resources folder (like Xcode).
  • App Wrapper is now built with the latest version of Xojo.
  • New Tools menu.
  • Selecting "Updates" from the "App Wrapper" menu, now forces it to check for updates, rather than showing already downloaded information.
  • No longer generates errors in App Wrapper when wrapping a "BitRock Installer".
  • Some slight visual improvements.
  • Some tweaks to ORCA.
  • Visual adjustments to the "Help Checker".
  • Right Click, Remove in the DMG signer, can now remove all selected rows.
  • Removed all the legacy code that was preventing App Wrapper from being built in the most recent version of Xojo.
  • Fixed a bug with ORCA's error reporting.
  • Fixed a typo NSPricipalClass instead of NSPrincpleClass.

Note: App Wrapper currently doesn't decompile or compare actual code; so code related issues cannot be checked.

Purchasers of Omegabundle for Xojo 2017 are entitled to this upgrade!

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