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Omegabundle for Xojo 2023 Products

App Wrapper is Ohanaware's premium Post-Build Processor for the macOS, used by 100s of developers to prepare their macOS applications for the Mac App Store and distribution on their websites.

Simplifies the task of displaying images in container controls without touching the original picture.

Locale settings, numeric range enforcement, adaptive format and more for numeric input.

Einhugur Plugin Pack for Xojo is a collection of plugins and libraries for Xojo used by thousands of Xojo developers.

The massive collection of 67 (increased from 63 in 2022) Xojo desktop controls, classes and modules that cover the range of almost every visual object you will want in your app.

The easiest way to get a unique ID for macOS and Windows based computers.

The preferred serial number creation and validation Engine plug-in for commercial applications.

Professional, interactive, real time charts in your Xojo applications on Mac, iOS, Windows and Linux. Desktop, Mobile, Console and Web projects.

Create PDF files with your applications on Mac, iOS, Windows and Linux. Desktop, Console, Mobile and Web projects.

Valentina Reports ADK lets you embed a powerful, graphically rich reporting system into your applications and deploy them royalty free.

Valentina Server combines a world class Enterprise Reports Server and two Database Servers into a single, powerful solution.


The professional SQL database administration and reports generation software.

Valentina DB ADK lets you bundle or embed the ultra-fast, object-relational Valentina Database system with your application.

xDev Library's Book and "Best Of" Article Bundle

Get back issues and a year’s subscription to xDev Magazine,  the professional's magazine for developing with Xojo.