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Serial Number Generation and Validation Engine for Xojo Developers

Aug. 1, 2022 - Castellón (Spain). AprendeXojo announces the immediate availability of GuancheMOS 1.9.5, the mult-iplatform plug-in for Xojo users that allows the easy, fast, no rocket-ccience implementation of serial number generation and validation features on macOS, Windows, Linux and Web applications.

GuancheMOS 1.9.5 plug-in (regularly 110 euros) adds the compatibility with ARM architecture on Windows, so users can deploy now their solutions on Windows as Intel or ARM64 apps. Since 2007, GuancheMOS is the preferred serial number creation and validation Engine plug-in used by hundred of Xojo developers all over the World in all kind of apps and solutions. GuancheMOS is both Desktop and Console safe, so it is possible to create all kind of license serial number generation and validation solutions around it, without having to pay additional fees or other hidden costs. Anyone can download and test GuancheMOS on their own projects! When running in demo mode, GuancheMOS only allows 3 serial number/licenses generation per session, and the validation feature is disabled.

GuancheMOS is part of the Omegabundle 2022, so you can get it with other top Xojo developer tools and extras at an incredible price… while it last!

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