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Page Layout and Rendering Simplified!

Page Layout and Rendering Simplified!

AXControlGrid is a complete and powerful Xojo desktop UI component for macOS and Windows making it possible to put Canvas-based controls in a Page or a series of Pages of a given size (width and height).

It allows for the additional displaying and layout of associated text captions, and the rendering of such page content as Pictures objects so you can do further operations on them: including saving them to a database or as files, generating PDF files, sending them via email, printing them, etc.

From the developer point of view everything is configurable and every change is visible on the fly, including the re-layout of the Page Contents to reflect the new settings applied.

From the point of view of a final user, they will be able to Zoom the Page contents, navigate between the available pages, drag and drop new items to add them to the currently visible Page, select a range of items in the Page to cut and paste or delete them, besides writing and modifying caption texts (and their settings) or undoing every action done!

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