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Valentina Reports ADK lets you embed a powerful, graphically rich reporting system into your applications and deploy them royalty free.

 Feature Overview of Valentina Reports ADK for Xojo

Generate reports from MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Valentina DB sources. You can view Valentina Reports using the free Report Viewer (a part of the free version of Valentina Studio). You can also now generate reports from Valentina Forms!

  • Report controls all have the size_type property, allowing them to grow / resize as required
  • Integrated Javascript scripting allows controls to have pre-load and post-load scripts
  • Barcode format support added for Aztec, DataMatrix, Han Xin, QR and Micro QR formats
  • Display formatted text and numerical data in grids, sub-reports, calculated fields and labels
  • Global header/footers, per page header/footers and many other layout options
  • Incorporate and transform data into charts, graphs, barcodes, embedded web pages and images
  • Programmatically export your reports as XML enriched PDF documents, web pages, text or graphics
  • Move your reports project across operating systems, platforms and  to Valentina Server or Embedded Server
  • Unlimited, royalty free distribution with your applications
  • 12 months of free updates are included with your license
  • Available for all major operating systems and development environments

What's New in Valentina Reports ADK for Xojo

Along with new features, dozens of improvements and fixes are also a part of Valentina Reports ADK for Xojo 9.x.

  • New in 10.4.12!  Reports and subreports now use the same JS context (global variables, etc)
  • New in 10.4.3!  SVG picture can now can be stored in a textual field. You can now specify such a field as a data source for the picture control
  • New in 10.4.2! Alpha and Opacity properties are now supported for text and borders
  • New in 10.3! New HTML Rendering Engine. Most HTML/CSS features are supported including text formatting, tables, floating elements, absolute positioning, anchors, embedded styles, CSS classes, most CSS selectors. Embedded and external CSS files supported.
  • New in 10.3! HTML Rendering Vectorized. Printing a report to PDF, Postscript, or directly to a printer, rendered HTML is vectorized. TEXT is scalable and selectable in generated files and can be printed with the maximum printer resolution.
  • New in 10.3! Support for SVG images in the Picture controls. When printing to vector formats (PDF, Postscript, SVG) SVG images are embedded in the document in vector form perfect for zooming and printing. SVG images can be stored in the report, database, external file, or even auto-generated.
  • New in 10.1.3! Report Scripting: Get position and value of the current control instance
  • New in 10.1.3! Report Scripting: Get the current value of a control via 'control.instance.value' property
  • New in 10.1.3! Report Scripting: Access the current control (from print_if or expression) via 'this'
  • New in 10.1.3! Report Scripting: Hide an instance of control from a script
  • New in 10.1.3! Report Scripting: Labels can now use the value from an instance
  • New in 10.1.3! Report Scripting: Summary instance value in print_if and expressions
  • New in 10.1.3! Report Scripting: The 'instance.value' property is writable
  • New in 9.8! New JavaScript engine is both smaller and faster, making your deployable apps smaller
  • New in 9.7! Reports with columns can now fill columns in the “horizontal” order, additionally to original “vertical” order
  • New in 9.2!  'keep_together' flag now available for groups headers
  • New in 8.7.2!  Summary Controls (aggregate functions) are no longer limited to only Footer regions of reports but may also appear in Header regions
  • New in 8.6.6! Use “orientation-requested” instead of “landscape” for printing reports
  • New in 8.6.6! Apply printer default values like CUPS LPR for printing reports; "fit to page" set to no by default
  • New in 8.6.2! A new region Last Page Footer is now available in Valentina Reports
  • New in 8.5! Javascript classes VProject and VReport allow report generation using JavaScript code from Valentina Forms
  • New in 8! Add 'Equal To', 'Less Than' and 'Greater Than' to conditional styles


Deploy your Xojo applications on Windows, MacOS and Linux - all three platforms are supported and included. The Linux version is even supported for Raspberry PI deployment (Debian, Linux, ARM 7).

Database Support

Valentina Reports ADK can use any of the following databases as data sources for report generation:

  • MySQL 5.0.6 or higher
  • PostgreSQL 8.2.10 or higher
  • SQLite 3 or higher
  • MS SQL 2000 or higher
  • Valentina LOCAL DB  4.5 or higher
  • Valentina Server 4.5 or higher