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The professional SQL database administration and reports generation software.

Valentina Studio Pro brings together the best database administration and design tool along with a powerful, visual Report Designer for use with Valentina Reports ADK for Xojo and Valentina Server.

Valentina Studio Pro is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Your order of Omegabundle for Xojo 2022 includes your choice of one operating system version.

Databases Supported by Valentina Studio

Valentina Studio Pro supports most popular databases in use.

  • MS SQL Server & Microsoft Azure SQL DB
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite / Valentina SQLite Server
  • MariaDB
  • ValentinaDB Local / ValentinaDB Server
  • NEW! MongoDB

What's New in Valentina Studio Pro

Since the end of Omegabundle for Xojo 2021, Valentina Studio Pro 11 and 12 gained many new features and improvements in virtually every part of Valentina Studio Pro. Over these releases, you will notice a vast improvement in Auto-Complete, providing far better, highly productive options, as well as improvements to productivity features in the SQL Editor and Data Editor.

  • [11.4.3] [New][Data Editor][Pro] - Formatting of data of a column. Do right-mouse click on a column header to see the contextual menu, where you can find the “Format” command
  • [11.4.5] [New][Data Editor] – Added currency formatting for float/double/decimal/money fields
  • [11.4.5][New][PostgreSQL] – Implemented support of METHOD FIELDS (generated columns), which was added in PostgreSQL v12
  • [12.0] [New] MongoDB plugin - the first NON-SQL DB in Valentina Studio
  • [12.0] [New][Pro] Workspaces - this great feature for PRO-developers, which now get a clean isolated room for a project
  • [12.0.4] [New][MongoDB] - Added aggregation and query and write operation commands templates
  • [12.0.7][New][SQL Editor] Static Analyzer now reports errors about an incorrect number of arguments in a function call. For example SELECT sin(); or SELECT sin(2,3) will produce error now from Static Analyzer
  • [12.1][New][SQL Editor] Use Ctrl + 0 to reset zoom level of font.
  • [12.1][New][Server Admin] for ValentinaDB adds a new 'Server State' TAB-panel to see in LIVE mode tasks inside a Valentina Server
  • [12.1.1][New][Report Editor] Working with remote Valentina Report Server, to display a Report Preview with datasources connected via SSH with key authentication, Valentina Studio needs to send SSH keys to VServer
  • [12.2][New][MongoDB] restore the Data Editor lastly selected view mode (List or Columns)
  • [12.3][New][SQL Editor][MySQL] - AutoComplete differ sys symbols from user symbols. Controlled by prefs.(This feature was implemented for other DBs already)
  • [12.3.1][New][SQL Editor][All] Autocomplete now is able to show the list of the second keywords after the first keyword is typed for such commands as 'CREATE TABLE', 'ALTER COLUMN', 'DROP CONSTRAINT' etc. This feature works taking into account the SQL dialect of the current DB
  • [12.3.1][New][SQL Editor][All] New and improved 'smart suggestions' for some commands, which are located on the top of the auto-complete menu.
  • [12.3.3][New][SQL Editor][Pro] - Highlight of a corresponded field in the FIELD-list, while you type or choose a value in the VALUE-list. Also over that field you will see a tooltip with the field type.
  • [12.3.6][New][SQL Editor][Pro] - AUTO-REFRESH of schema if in SQL Editor was executed some DDL command (CREATE/DROP/ALTER)