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Valentina DB ADK lets you bundle or embed the ultra-fast, object-relational Valentina Database system with your application.

 Features Overview of ValentinaDB ADK for Xojo

Port your database application to ValentinaDB adds additional features and enhanced value to your application. The more you optimize using the higher level native Valentina API, your code becomes easier to read and easier to maintain. You can also choose to take advantage of its advances as a KeyValue data store as well.

In addition to new features, dozens of fixes and improvements to performance

  • Advanced object-relational data model, stick with SQL, or mix them
  • Powerful, fast indexing
  • Valentina Abstraction Links
  • Database refactoring, diagnose and clean up
  • Disk and fast in-memory databases
  • ENUMS, VARIANTs, BLOBs and other field types
  • Ultra-fast, secure, with built in encryption
  • Unlimited, royalty free deployment for all your applications
  • Free VCLIENT component communicates with Valentina Server
  • Move your project up to Valentina Server or Embedded Server
  • 12 months of free updates are included with your license
  • Available for all major operating systems and development environments

Improvements Since Omegabundle 2021

  • [11.4.0] [Imp][Linux] – Now it is not necessary to have aliases in vcomponents folder. Aliases could get lost during the transfer to hosting, now there is no need to recreate them which simplifies deployment
  • [11.4.2] [Opt] speed of UPSERT improved about 30 percent
  • [11.4.5] [Imp] – Improved speed of queries with WHERE, ORDER BY, and HAVING clauses under specific circumstances
  • [11.4.6] [Imp][Mac] internal algorithm to find vcomponent DLLs, to get it working e.g. in a Photoshop plugin, which uses ValentinaDB
  • [11.4.7] [Opt] improved Stmt.Select() for queries over 1 table and 1 unique field. Speed up x10 times.
  • [11.4.7] [Opt] overall speed up of engine
  • [11.5.3] [New][Mac] Change File API from Carbon to POSIX. Old signatures for files of MacOS will not work anymore
  • [12.0.0] [New][SQL] JOIN between 2 different databases
  • [12.0.0] [New][SQL] Triggers on Links. This allows you to CREATE TRIGGER, which will work on LINK / UNLINK commands - events
  • [12.1.0] [New] Introduces ARM64 compiled for Linux
  • [12.3.1] [Imp] Improved speed of BLOB update, when BLOBs are huge


Deploy your Xojo applications on Windows, MacOS and Linux (X86 & ARM).