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Valentina DB ADK lets you bundle or embed the ultra-fast, object-relational Valentina Database system with your application.

 Features Overview of ValentinaDB ADK for Xojo

Port your database application to ValentinaDB adds additional features and enhanced value to your application. The more you optimize using the higher level native Valentina API, your code becomes easier to read and easier to maintain. You can also choose to take advantage of its advances as a KeyValue data store as well.

In addition to new features, dozens of fixes and improvements to performance.

  • New in 10.4.3!  SET clause supports comma-separated list of variables “SET @a = 1, @b = 2, @c = 3;”
  • New in 10! Windows Functions, a part of SQL Standard 2003-2008. SELECT SUM(f2) OVER ( [PARTITION BY flds] [ORDER BY flds] ), RowNumber(), Rank(), Dens_Rank(), Percent_Rank(), Cum_Dist() SUM() OVER … /*
  • New in 9.7.2! Diagnose tables adds three new checks for data consistency
  • New in 9.5.2! Speed of DELETE greatly improved (x20-30+) for queries DELETE … WHERE RecID = n
  • New in 9.5! Cloud based examples
  • New in 9.5! MERGE command with two or more fields joins, use indexing with an incredible speed boost
  • New in 9.1! Work with larger SQL dumps especially with very large BLOB objects. Load SQL-dump files with external data in inDataFile (optionally) into a new fresh database
  • New in 9! Support for the more efficient Valentina 9 Protocol
  • New in 9! Arrays in Stored Procedures. Retrieve an array field from a table and store it in a variable
  • Advanced object-relational data model, stick with SQL, or mix them
  • Powerful, fast indexing
  • Valentina Abstraction Links
  • Database refactoring, diagnose and clean up
  • Disk and fast in-memory databases
  • ENUMS, VARIANTs, BLOBs and other field types
  • Ultra-fast, secure, with built in encryption
  • Unlimited, royalty free deployment for all your applications
  • Free VCLIENT component communicates with Valentina Server
  • Move your project up to Valentina Server or Embedded Server
  • 12 months of free updates are included with your license
  • Available for all major operating systems and development environments


Deploy your Xojo applications on Windows, MacOS and Linux - all three platforms are supported and included! You can even use your Linux license to deploy Xojo applications built for Raspberry PI (Debian, Linux, ARM 7).