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The massive collection of 67 (increased from 63 in 2022) Xojo desktop controls, classes and modules that cover the range of almost every visual object you will want in your app.

The Big List of GraffitiSuite Desktop Edition Controls

We just don't have enough space to show you all of the preview images of this massive collection of 61 controls for Xojo.

  1. Updated GraffitiAccordion. GraffitiAccordion allows for easy and compact representation of UI elements within container controls.
  2. GraffitiActionBar is a recreation of a popular macOS UI element which provides easy access to common actions and interface manipulation. Commonly seen below ListBoxes, this component will make it easy to provide the functionality your users expect.
  3. Updated GraffitiAnimator allows you to easily build in amazing animations for your Xojo Desktop applications. With 13 animation easings, chaining, keyframes, and much more, you'll be able to do things with Xojo Desktop that you'd only dreamed of before!
  4. Updated GraffitiAvatar is a single user display mechanism with support for image, initials, and shapes.
  5. Updated GraffitiAvatarGroup allows you to display a list of users in a horizontal bar as images or their initials. This beautiful control will collapse to fill the width and supports displaying users that are currently hidden via a "More" button.
  6. GraffitiBadge is a simple yet powerful addition to your UI toolkit. Display responsively-size badges anywhere and everywhere without worrying about font sizes.
  7. GraffitiButton is highly flexible and configurable allowing the user to define their own color schemes, or use the default/system colors. With over 60 different visual styles, you’ll most definitely be happy with this custom control in your Xojo applications.  
  8. Updated GraffitiCalendar is an advanced calendar-view class. It allows for the addition of events to a calendar by using Xojo date objects, with support for a wide variety of views and allows for event dragging and resizing. Includes support for a large number of languages built-in, jQuery UI theme support, and Google Calendar imports.
  9. Updated GraffitiCard is a beautiful and powerful Desktop emulation of the popular Card concept from the Web. Easily display information to your users in a great-looking format to make your UI design easier than ever.
  10. Updated GraffitiChart supports eight different types of charts to ensure that you can display data to your users with a good-looking and easy-to-use control.
  11. GraffitiColorPicker is an advanced color selector class for Real Studio which supports recent color selections, named colors, and system colors. New for 2020 is a complete UI redesign and an added color wheel.
  12. Updated GraffitiColors is a comprehensive system for modifying color values, or returning system and named color values. With support for immersive system colors on both Windows and macOS, and theme change notifications via delegates.
  13. New GraffitiCommandBar provides a vertical toolbar-like interface commonly found in applications like Visual Studio and VSCode.
  14. Updated GraffitiDateTimePicker is a beautiful all-in-one selector for your Xojo DateTime object needs. With views for Time, Century, Year, Month; 24- or 12-hour time selection; Single, Multiple, or Range date selection; and a plethora of customization options.
  15. GraffitiDrillMenu is a new take on lists and trees wherein users are presented options and, upon selection, the entire body of the list slides off to one side presenting the children of the selecting item and a "Back" button. When clicking "Back", the previous level slides back into view.
  16. GraffitiDropZone is a file selection utility UI class that allows users to drop files on an area of your window. Supports links in text to perform operations such as opening the system file selector or clearing selection.
  17. Updated GraffitiEditor is a massively powerful WYSIWYG HTML Editor.
  18. Updated GraffitiFadeLabel allows the display of gradated text within your window. This class provides a label which has a transparent background, and supports an unlimited amount of colors.
  19. GraffitiFadePanel provides you with the ability to display gradated areas within your windows. This class supports a nearly unlimited amount of colors, as well as gradient rotation.
  20. Updated GraffitiFieldLabel is a control parent designed to make your forms both easier to manage and look great! With a wide array of features, you can accomplish many things that could take hundreds or thousands of hours to code and implement yourself!
  21. GraffitiFontPicker allows you to provide a previewed interface for your users to pick system fonts, and keeps track of recent and favorite selections.
  22. GraffitiGradientSelector is GraffitiFadePanel on steroids. It can be used to display entirely custom gradated color schemes or for selection of such schemes.
  23. Updated GraffitiGrid is a powerful listbox replacement with a massive library of features including per-cell custom editors, a wide array of built-in editing functions, control and ContainerControl embedding, and lots more.
  24. Updated  GraffitiHTMLLabel allows you to use simple, arbitrary HTML in your Desktop UI without hosting a full HTMLViewer. This is limited to text styling and links, but makes for a great label component when you need varying styles.
  25. Updated GraffitiHTMLtoPDF allows you turn your HTML in to rasterized PDFs. With support for scaling, quality, protection, headers and footers, and more.
  26. GraffitiImageWell allows developers to quickly and easily incorporate an Image-Viewer UI in to their application, potentially saving 100s of hours of development time.
  27. Updated GraffitiKanban is a powerful ideaboard implementation as seen in popular productivity and collaboration apps and website such as Trello. Supports drag and drop for columns and cards, custom indicators, and much more.
  28. Updated GraffitiListbox is a drop-in replacement for Xojo's API 1.0 listbox that supports Dark Mode on both Windows and Linux, has customizable headers, and many more additional features.
  29. Updated GraffitiMapViewer allows you to embed and control Google Maps within your desktop applications! With support for routes, directions, overlays, and shapes, there isn't much you can't do with this class.
  30. Updated GraffitiMenuWindow allows developers to quickly and easily create custom drop-down style menus for Windows and OS X.  It uses a ConatinerControl for its contents, and uses system APIs to properly position itself.
  31. Added GraffitiModal provides an in-window modal mechanism with beautiful transitions and plenty of power.
  32. GraffitiNote is a simple yet effective class used to display information via the user interface that should draw a user's attention. With four different pre-built note types ranging from "Information" to "Error", and a custom type where custom colors can be applied by the developer, GraffitiNote is very versatile.
  33. GraffitiNSImages gives you access to those awesome built-in system images that ship with macOS. Now you can more easily build a UI that looks at home on Apple hardware.
  34. GraffitiOptionBox is a powerful new CheckBox/RadioButton component that is fully customizable. If you can dream it, you can probably build it with this control.
  35. Updated GraffitiOrgChart is a hierarchical chart display with support for inline editing, drag rearranging, and more!
  36. Updated GraffitiPagination allows you to setup numeric paging for your UI that looks amazing on any OS. This component is fully customizable and looks great on macOS Dark/Light, Windows Dark/Light, or Linux.
  37. Updated GraffitiPDFViewer is a basic document viewer with support for protected PDFs, zoom, rotation, text selection/copy, basic annotations, and more!
  38. Updated GraffitiPopupMenu is a powerful drop-in replacement for the API 1.0 PopupMenu. With support for drawing in cells within the popup or directly in the control's face, you can take your UI to the next level. Supports Dark mode on macOS and Windows.
  39. GraffitiProgress is a cross-platform style-mimicking progress bar class. With styles for Windows, OS X, and Linux, your application will look right at home.
  40. GraffitiPropertyList emulates the PropertyList control seen in many software development IDEs. Now sporting an optional beautiful dark mode style.
  41. GraffitiRadialProgress is a round progress indicator based on modern implementations of the concept as seen in many popular applications and websites.
  42. GraffitiRating is a beautiful animated rating selection system with support for star or heart icons, and six different view styles.
  43. Updated GraffitiRibbon emulates the visual style of recent Microsoft Office applications (as well as the many other applications applying the principle since its introduction). Freshly rebuilt to match modern versions of this powerful component.
  44. GraffitiRuler allows developers to add an accurate representation of true measurements to screen objects.  Using properties for image resolution (DPI) and scale to properly calculate the real-world size of and image from its pixel dimensions.
  45. Updated GraffitiSearchCanvas provides the backdrop and functionality of fields similar to those in the toolbar of the Xojo IDE.
  46. Updated GraffitiSegButton is an amazingly powerful replacement for Xojo's built-in SegmentedButton control. It can automatically size buttons to fit or obscure buttons that don't fit behind a disclosure button. Looks great in Dark Mode on macOS or Windows.
  47. GraffitiSeparator is the easy way to add custom UI segmenting lines to your applications.
  48. GraffitiSettings offers a simple way for Xojo developers to load and save their application's user-specific settings values to an XML file. It supports automatic writing of values on change, automatic selection of default file location, and uses Variant for values so your settings are saved and read the way you intended them to be.
  49. GraffitiSignature is a class designed to make getting customer signatures using touch-enabled devices or mouse easy. Supports variable color assignment, timed- or drag-based capture, and BASE64 exporting.
  50. GraffitiSlider is a custom slider control that supports both single and ranged values with 10 different styles.
  51. GraffitiSlideshow gives you the ability to add web-like image sliders to your Xojo desktop applications without a lot of extra work.
  52. GraffitiSplitter allows developers to quickly implement splitter functionality in to their static user interfaces. Simply layering canvas objects with splitters and your controls can yield amazing results with GraffitiSplitter.
  53. GraffitiStatus, you can convey important information non-invasively to your users, via the Graphical User Interface. Built with developers in mind, GraffitiStatus is sure to spice up any project.
  54. Updated GraffitiStepBar. A display for integral actions, such as movement through a wizard. Uses custom icons and allows clicks, so it may double as a simple toolbar.
  55. GraffitiSwitch. A simple, yet elegant boolean switch. Can be customized for nearly any UI.
  56. Updated GraffitiSyntaxEditor is a full-featured syntax editor with definitions for many languages, a number of excellent themes, and a featureset that's unmatched in the Xojo third-party market.
  57. GraffitiTabBar provides a customizable platform-agnostic tab display for control of PagePanels, complete with close buttons, per-tab styling, and much more.
  58. Updated GraffitiTagField. A class that emulates popular tag selection fields.  Has an excellent built-in search, and a lot of customization options.
  59. GraffitiTaskList provides a powerful UI for managing lists of items to accomplish. It offers advanced features such as in-place editing and custom menu assignments.
  60. GraffitiThumbList. An amazingly simple thumbnail list class.
  61. Updated GraffitiTimeline is a control for displaying and editing DateTime data such as tasks in an advanced and easy-to-use interface.
  62. Updated GraffitiTooltip is a powerful way to display context-sensitive help. It automatically sizes to textual content, supports variable colors, and embedding custom content is a breeze with support for DesktopContainers!
  63. Updated GraffitiTreeView. An amazingly versatile and powerful TreeView control with modern, classic, and dark style.
  64. GraffitiVBScript. GraffitiVBScript is a Windows-only class which makes running VBScript within your Xojo apps easier. By using this class, you can now access the Windows Management Instrumentation(WMI), ActiveX controls, InputBoxes for easy user interaction from scripts, and anything else VBScript supports. This also settles the long-held monopoly on OS-Specific scripting that AppleScript has held on Xojo. Has been tested to support a wide variety of VBScript source!
  65. Added GraffitiW3W leverages the What3Words API to convert map coordinates to and from three words in a variety of languages.
  66. Updated GraffitiWall allows you to easily build beautifully animated dashboard-style user interfaces. Looks great with GraffitiCard!
  67. Updated GraffitiWindowNotifier is a beautiful and intuitive way of showing notification messages right inside your application. This class can be added to any DesktopWindow and uses GraffitiNote instances to alert your users.