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Omegabundle for Xojo 2023 Products

The preferred serial number creation and validation Engine plug-in for commercial applications.

Serial Number Generation and Validation for Xojo Developers

GuancheMOS is compatible with applications developed with Xojo and compiled for macOS (32 bits/64 bits, including ARM), Windows (32 bits/64 bits & ARM), Linux (32 bits/64 bits) for Web executables, Desktop, Raspberry Pi and Console deployments.

GuancheMOS allows Xojo macOS, Windows, Linux and Web developers to include in their applications the ability to generate and validate unique serial numbers or license keys with a minimum effort and a minimum footprint in their final executables.

By using this plug-in, Xojo developers will be able also to create their own apps for the automated assignment and control of serial numbers in a per-application basis. Of course the main purpose of GuancheMOS is the integration of the serial validation process in the final apps with the simple call to a function. 

Registered users of GuancheMOS can use the plug-in in all their applications without paying additional fees!