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Valentina DB ADK lets you bundle or embed the ultra-fast, object-relational Valentina Database system with your application.

ValentinaDB ADK for Xojo

Valentina DB ADK For Xojo lets you embed the ultra fast ValentinaDB database system in your Xojo application. Sure, there are many free and open source local databases available, but can you deliver a solution that dramatically enhances value to your application?

ValentinaDB does this with an advanced, flexible object-relational model that lets you use it by itself, stick with the SQL that you know, or mix them. Need a Key-Value solution? ValentinaDB can do it.  After you do your initial port, you can step by step, optimize the Valentina way. The more you optimize using the higher level native Valentina API, your code becomes easier to read and easier to maintain.

ValentinaDB also delivers blazing speed in working with hundreds of thousands or millions of records. What can take you hours with other local database solutions, ValentinaDB can deliver in minutes, if not seconds! Imagine building custom apps that can deliver complex data scenarios during the course of a meeting, rather than having to resort to "Sorry, I'll have to send you that later today."

The biggest advancement for Xojo developers is that you now have the option to deploy on Windows ARM64. In 2021, Paradigma Software added Linux ARM64 deployment.

 Why Choose ValentinaDB for Xojo

  • Advanced object-relational data model, stick with SQL, or mix them
  • Powerful, fast indexing
  • Valentina Abstraction Links
  • Database refactoring, diagnose and clean up
  • Disk and fast in-memory databases
  • ENUMS, VARIANTs, BLOBs and other field types
  • Ultra-fast, secure, with built in encryption
  • Unlimited, royalty free deployment for all your applications
  • Free VCLIENT component communicates with Valentina Server, including VCLIENT for iOS deployment (for Xojo)
  • Easily move your project up to Valentina Server or build powerful network solutions with both local and server based storage
  • 12 months of free updates are included with your license
  • Available for all major operating systems and development environments

Improvements Since Omegabundle 2022

  • [12.5] [Imp] BLOB format improved and beginning of speed improvements x 5 to x10 on certain operations
  • [12.5.6] [Imp] Improved logging operations
  • [12.6.1] [Imp] Improved reporting of POSIX based errors
  • [13.0] [New] [macOS]Lock file policy for MacOS + “remote file system” (NAS, flash-drive)
  • [13.1] [Imp]  Preemptive update to avoid possible buffer-overflows in some algorithms
  • [13.2] [New] Valentina for DB for Xojo ADK now supports deployment on Windows ARM64


Deploy your Xojo applications on Windows (X86 & ARM), MacOS and Linux (X86 & ARM).