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Valentina Server combines a world class Enterprise Reports Server and two Database Servers into a single, powerful solution.

 Valentina Server Features

Since Valentina Server incorporates three different servers, including Valentina Reports Server, ValentinaDB Server and Valentina SQLite Server, and also now serves Valentina Forms, each Paradigma technology automatically inherits all the newest improvements in each.

When you order Omegabundle for Xojo 2021, you need to select a single OS platform for your copy of Valentina Server. Please note that Raspberry Pi support is only available if you select the Linux version of Valentina Server.

Four Powerful Server Technologies

  • Enterprise Reports Server turns data into highly formatted reports with options for charts, barcodes, graphs and more into rich media web pages, text, images, PDFs
  • ValentinaDB Database Server based on ultra-fast, object-relational columnar technology, including Valentina DB KeyValue database *
  • Valentina SQLite Database Server with full multi-access, industry standard server features
  • Valentina Forms Server. Serve Valentina Forms to users of Valentina Studio. See Valentina Studio Pro for more information on Valentina Forms

Server Administration

  • Add/drop users, groups, manage privileges
  • Watch live logs, run diagnostics
  • Remotely Register/unregister databases
  • Remotely Register/unregister Valentina Projects
  • Create/Alter/View Schedule Events
  • Highly secure with SSL and powerful, built in encryption
  • Administer your databases with free Valentina Studio


  • 30+ Native Drivers for Client Application Access
  • REST based access opens integration to most mobile platforms; also works with Xojo Web Edition
  • Report Server and Form Server integrates with MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL Server, SQLite (Valentina SQLite Server), ValentinaDB (ValentinaDB ADK, ValentinaDB Database Server, PostgreSQL
  • 32 / 64 bit natively on Windows, Linux and macOS, Raspberry Pi (Debian, ARM 7)
  • Print directly from Valentina Server to an attached printer

Commercial Support & Updates

  • 12 full months of technology upgrades from your data of purchase
  • Direct, next business day support, with more advanced support options available

Utilities & Examples

  • Diagnose, compress, clone, defragment, reindex and dump data
  • Updated examples for C++, Python, Xojo and more

Capacity & Deployment

  • Single deployment, commercial license
  • Update before the end of your update period at a discounted rate


What's New in Valentina Server Since 10.4.3?

Valentina Server includes across the board improvements to management and deployment. Also, numerous Valentina for Xojo project examples were added or improved to be current with the most recent full release of Xojo.

  • [10.6.3][New] Support PHP versions 7.4 and 8.0 on macOS, Windows and Linux
  • [10.5.3] [Imp] Improvements to Server Logs
  • [10.4.20] [New] Additional column “fld_cursors_size” for “SHOW CONNECTIONS”

Valentina DB Server

ValentinaDB Server inherits all of the updates and improvements from ValentinaDB.

  • [11.2.7] [Opt] new MT alg for ArraySet::Init_BySeqN, works x3 times faster of not MT
  • [11.2.5][New][SQL] Support for SQL command 'UNLINK RECORDS (1,..) FROM EACH RECORD' or 'UNLINK RECORDS (1,..) FROM ALL RECORDS'
  • [11.2.4] [Imp] Improved speed of SQL command LINK RECORDS, for 1:M Binary Link
  • [11.2.2] [Imp] Now Diagnose also prints info about encoding
  • [10.4.20] [Imp] Improved project examples related to REALDB
  • [10.4.20] [Imp] New test of MemBlock into VPicture field using VBLob.WriteData() method
  • [10.4.6] [Imp] improved VSQLite examples to show how to create/open/create_if_not_exist databases locally or under vServer
  • [10.4.5] [Imp] improved the diagnosing of a BLOB field to show RecIDs of problem segments
  • [10.4.3] [Imp][SQL] Now can be a comma-separated list of variables in the SET clause: “SET @a = 1, @b = 2, @c = 3;”

Valentina SQLite Server

Valentina SQLite Server makes it easy to scale up your desktop solution to true client-server model.

  • [11.1] [Imp] SQLite engine updated to 3.34.1
  • [10.5.4][Imp] Valentina SQLite Server now supports Python
  • [10.5][Imp] Enabled SQLite FTS5 extension (for SQLite databases, local and on Valentina Server)

Valentina Reports Server

Valentina Reports Server inherits all of the updates and improvements from Valentina Reports.

  • [11.2.8] [New] Improved formatting for line ends in reports
  • [11.2.4] [New] Improved positioning of Report Objects, including fixed and relative positions
  • [11.1] [New] Improved Reporting Examples, esp for display on iOS
  • [11][Imp] Add “datasource” param to the HTTP server to generate reports from any supported database
  • [11][New] Set binding to a report query for Valentina Server HTTP
  • [11] [New] Support for MacOS on ARM
  • [10.5.4] [New] Meaningful Printer Errors. Now you can catch errors coming back from the printer.
  • [10.5.2] [New] Recursive Reports. Displaying hierarchical data is now possible
  • [10.5] [New] Expanded Zoom to x4 in Reports Editor (Valentina Studio Pro)
  • [10.4.12] [New]Reports and subreports now use the same JS context (global variables, etc)
  • [10.4.3] [New]SVG picture can now can be stored in a textual field. You can now specify such a field as a data source for the picture control
  • [10.4.2] [New]Alpha and Opacity properties are now supported for text and borders
  • [10.3] [New]New HTML Rendering Engine. Most HTML/CSS features are supported including text formatting, tables, floating elements, absolute positioning, anchors, embedded styles, CSS classes, most CSS selectors. Embedded and external CSS files supported.
  • [10.3] [New]HTML Rendering Vectorized. Printing a report to PDF, Postscript, or directly to a printer, rendered HTML is vectorized. TEXT is scalable and selectable in generated files and can be printed with the maximum printer resolution.
  •  [10.3] [New]Support for SVG images in the Picture controls. When printing to vector formats (PDF, Postscript, SVG) SVG images are embedded in the document in vector form perfect for zooming and printing. SVG images can be stored in the report, database, external file, or even auto-generated