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Omegabundle for Xojo 2021 Products

Get some of the best articles from xDev Library and the compiled Xojo Database Collection book!

Over 20 exclusive Xojo articles including:

  • Loosely coupled systems (XDEV6310)
  • Finite State Machines (XDEV6312)
  • Checking Grammar With Style (XDEV7113)
  • Working with Multiple Documents (XDEV7610)
  • Good Database Design Principles (XDEV8209)
  • Exploring XML DTD stylesheets (XDEV8311)
  • Transmogrify Your Text (XDEV9107)
  • Hashing for Security (XDEV9208)
  • The Tabbed Document Interface (XDEV9309)
  • The GUI Design GUIde (XDEV9406)
  • The Meaning Gradient: Buttons should speak, not process (XDEV9407)
  • The Way of the Thread (XDEV9508)
  • Using JSON (XDEV9607)
  • Tracer Bullet Development (XDEV9609)
  • Fun With Comics (XDEV10007)
  • Reporting with REALStudio (XDEV10008)
  • The Assumption Approach (XDEV10209)
  • When Hashes Collide (XDEV10308)
  • HOTP Authentication (XDEV10407)
  • Using Materialized Views (XDEV10412)

This collection is hundreds of pages of instruction, a terrific sampling of what's available in the xDev Library. Bought individually this would cost over $80, but it's yours as part of the 2021 Omegabundle.

Note: some of these are older articles that refer to Real Studio rather than Xojo, so the code may need some minor updating for Xojo, but we specifically tried to select articles where the concepts are timeless.

 Also included is a brand-new ebook, Xojo Database Collection (XDL-0019), that weighs in at over 400 pages:

xDev Magazine has been publishing for over 18 years and just about every issue has included a column on databases. Over the years the column has featured different authors, so there's a variety of perspectives, and the coverage has included how-tos, tips, design techniques, security, different database formats, and much more, all focused on the Xojo user. There's literally something for every database user, whether you're just getting started or a veteran.

Now we've gathered nearly two decades of those columns into a single book of over 400 pages. If you use Xojo and use databases, this is a terrific resource!

Note: the ebook comes in PDF, epub, and Kindle formats.