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Build server-side business applications with a data-rich reports, charts, graphs, barcodes, export to PDF, HTML and more with all major databases and servers.

Valentina Reports Server is the fast, easy, cost-effective and secure way to share data visually on a network or the Internet. Serve your visually stunning reports through a web browser, directly in an application or as a rich PDF file that can be served off the server or directly emailed to your customers. Your customers can even view your report right within Valentina Studio, the free tool from Paradigma Software.

Valentina Reports Server at a Glance

  • Source data from MySQL / MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, SQLite 3+, ValentinaDB
  • Source data from integrated servers: ValentinaDB Server, Valentina SQLite Server
  • Build reports visually in Valentina Reports Editor in Valentina Studio Pro
  • Script reports using JavaScript
  • REST API and Export as HTML means reports in your website and in your apps
  • Integrated Email Server allows programmatic emailing of reports
  • Print reports directly from any printer attached to the hardware hosting Valentina Server
  • Large selection of visual components including charts, graphs, barcodes and more
  • Incorporate sub-reports, including recursive sub-reports
  • Use free Report Viewer to view and interact with reports or as a method to deploy reports

Reports Server version 13.5 supports MongoDB as a data source.